Oil & Gas Noise Modelling & Assessment

The TNEI noise team provide a range of modelling and assessment services for the Oil & Gas sector.TNEI combine extensive acoustic expertise with experience of major projects to ensure accurate assessments and, where required, practical noise mitigation solutions.

We provide input from initial concept studies and Front End Engineering Design (FEED) to detailed design. Our nine strong noise team have worked on a variety of projects around the world including onshore and offshore assets in Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

TNEI use CadnaA (Computer Aided Noise Abatement) and a range of in house developed models to assess the impacts of proposed and operational assets on the working environment and on the nearest third party noise receptors. Our team combine manufacturer noise data supplemented by estimated data to build up detailed noise models which are used to identify likely noise levels and to determine whether mitigation is required. Where it is not possible to adequately control noise levels within acceptable limits, TNEI will identify hearing protection zones / areas.

Noise assessment reports include detailed noise maps which illustrate predicted noise levels to provide context to the technical reports and enable clients to quickly identify high noise areas. TNEI can provide recommendations on noise control by identifying key items of noisy plant and detailing what level of mitigation is required; this can take the form of providing detailed design specifications for consideration by equipment manufacturers.