Multi-site projects

TNEI has a wealth of experience in progressing high volume, short timescale multi-site wind turbine projects. Exact services are designed to suit client specific requirements but TNEI can be involved from conception of a project or idea right through to providing post consent support.


TNEI has in excess of seven years of experience in working with a diverse range of clients interested in developing wind turbines on a range of site portfolios. From private investors seeking to identify sites, to local planning authorities and large utility companies seeking to select appropriate sites from within existing land ownership, TNEI can design a bespoke service to suit client specific needs. TNEI then provide a comprehensive project management service to deliver successful and cost effective projects from conception through to consenting and beyond.

TNEI has a wealth of in-house experience which can be utilised to provide efficient and cost effective input. A well established and experienced team with a very low turnover ensures consistency within the project. In addition, TNEI also has a network of trusted sub-consultants who can be utilised for specialist input where required.

By providing a project management service to oversee all the specialist elements required to progress a multi-site development project and using consultants with whom a working relationship is already established, TNEI can provide best value for money. TNEI advocate a key internal single point of contact for the client to ensures smooth lines of communication. TNEI provide regular update reporting in a format to be agreed with the client, which includes consideration of works programmes for the whole project and individual sites, financial reporting and project risk.

Services TNEI can provide to assist in building a site development portfolio, can include:

  • GIS sieving
  • Individual site feasibility review
  • Landowner identification, approach and liaison
  • Contractual support for developers
  • Stakeholder engagement strategy, implementation and management
  • Full planning and environmental support to submission of planning applications
  • Full project management services and client liaison

To read more about TNEI’s feasibility and landowner support services please go to Site Finding & Feasibility Studies or to get in touch with a member of our team please go to our Contact page.