Landowner Services


TNEI is able to support renewable energy developers in the entire site acquisition process, not only providing expertise in proactive site finding techniques and feasibility assessment but supporting landowner identification, approach and subsequent contracting work.

We offer a range of services but work closely with our clients to deliver services tailored to their specific needs during site prospecting. To summarise, we provide:

  • Land owner identification via land registry services and follow up work as well as 'cold calling' techniques – our consultants are well placed to answer any question posed by landowners relating to the wind industry, be it related to the planning and development process, construction process, financing or decommissioning. Our open and honest approach builds positive relationships at the outset and sets a positive tone to facilitate future discussions.
  • Land registry title deed review with the objective of identifying legal issues early in the prospecting stage that could be prohibitive or significant for a wind turbine project*. This service is designed to identify issues early in the development process that have the potential to be prohibitive to development in order to minimise potentially abortive spend.
  • Presentation of Heads of Terms / Exclusivity agreements to landowners / land agents. Our detailed knowledge of the industry and consultancy status assists in both educating landowners and agents on matters relating to the development of wind energy projects whilst managing expectation, particularly with regard to potential development timeframes and location and number of turbines.
  • Lead and facilitate the signing of Heads of Terms with landowners and land agents: Our consultants understand the whole wind turbine/farm development process with a particularly detailed knowledge of the consenting process. As such, our consultants are able to successfully contextualise contract terms into project activity and related industry examples to support the contract structure and content being proposed. Our commercial awareness and knowledge of the wind industry, particularly with regard to the risks associated with wind energy projects, means that our consultants understand a developer’s perspective. Our consultants work closely with developers during this phase to negotiate and secure commercially viable and practical signed Heads of Terms.

* Please note that this service is conducted by a senior wind consultant with relevant development experience. This is not conducted by a legal professional and thus should in no way be considered to replace a full title deed review by a suitably qualified solicitor.

Please contact our Newcastle office for further information on the services offered.