Industrial / oil and gas

The power system analysis group has experience in designing and assessing large industrial plants including oil and LNG refineries and terminals, and aluminimum smelters.  These facilities have complex electrical networks that feed critical systems, as such they need careful assessment to ensure they can maintain supply to critical operations.

TNEI's experience with full system design and design verification studies of major oil and gas facilities include:

  • Shell Sakhalin II LNG refinery
  • Exxon South Hook LNG import terminal
  • DUBAL review of EHV network reconfiguration

We have also undertaken other smaller packages of work for organisations including BP, Shell, Dubai Petroleum, MI-Swaco and ADMA for electrical system analysis on process plant extensions such as:

  • Generation AVR and Governor modelling
  • Integration of Syngas and Acetyl plants
  • Routine switchgear fault-level surveys
  • Fault level and earth grid dimensioning for remote facilities
  • Motor starting studies for integration of new compressors
  • Transmission system analysis for 132kV connected offshore platforms
  • Risk assessment of live cable burial

Services offered include:

  • Arc flash studies
  • Load flow analysis and security assessment
  • Short-circuit analysis and switchgear rating
  • Motor starting including DOL, soft-start and VFD
  • Transient stability and dynamic assessment
  • Harmonics analysis, measurement and filter design
  • Protection review and setting
  • Reliability assessment

All work is performed to DEP, IEC or other appropriate standards as required by the end client.  Our preferred software tool is IPSA as this allows the man-hours to be kept to a minimum, however we are also experienced in the use of SKM Powertools and ETAP.