Stonehaven Wind Turbine

Project Description: 
RES UK & Ireland Ltd (RES) commissioned TNEI Services Ltd (TNEI) to provide planning and environmental consultancy services for a single wind turbine development near Newbold Heath in Leicestershire. TNEI initially undertook an extensive GIS sieving and feasibility assessment of potential sites across the East Midlands. One of the sites identified as being potentially suitable was the Stonehaven Wind Turbine site.

TNEI commenced environmental assessments on the site for the purposes of compiling supporting documentation and submitting a planning application. This was supplemented by a variety of technical assessments which were undertaken by RES in-house.

The scheme will consist of a single turbine with a maximum height to blade tip of 110 metres, as well as associated infrastructure. The turbine will have a maximum installed capacity of 1.5MW.


Key Features:
  • Preparing an EIA Screening Request to Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council;
  • Undertaking environmental surveys necessary as part of the Environmental Report (site confirmed to be non-EIA);
  • Appointing and managing subcontractors where required to conduct specialist assessments;
  • Providing information on environmental and planning constraints to inform production of constraints mapping to assist in evolution of the design layout;
  • Undertaking technical reviews of reports and figures;
  • Managing consultation with statutory consultees;
  • Managing the formal pre-application process;
  • Preparing the Environmental Report and other associated documentation;
  • Managing the application through to determination.


Key Facts: 
Client: RES UK & Ireland Ltd  
Timescale: 12 months  
Capacity: 1.5MW  
Outcome: Consented  
Decision Date: 23rd July 2014