Residential Noise Assessment

Project Description: 

TNEI was commissioned by a property developer to undertake a residential noise assessment in order to support a Planning Application for a housing development in the north east of England.  The proposal consisted of a number of affordable housing units, some of which were planned to be built alongside a main road. Whilst evaluating the Planning Application, the Local Planning Authority (LPA) expressed concern about the potential noise impact of traffic movements on the development, specifically with regards to the enjoyment of outdoor amenity areas and sleep disturbance.

The aim of the noise assessment was to quantify the existing ambient noise levels in the area, record audio data files to identify any potentially disturbing noise sources, and assess the impact of passing traffic against relevant guidance. As the Planning Application had already been submitted, the project demanded a very quick turnaround.

Over the duration of the project TNEI undertook the following tasks:


  • Liaison with the client and the LPA to determine the appropriate assessment methodology and noise level limits;
  • Undertook background noise monitoring;
  • Provided a technical report suitable for the client to issue to the LPA as part of the Planning Application;
  • Provided details of appropriate mitigation measures where necessary, taking into account broader guidelines and regulations for residential developments, whilst also adhering to the needs and capabilities of the client; and
  • Demonstrated to the LPA, through the use of appropriate noise propagation software and calculations, that the development could meet the agreed criteria, as required.

The fast response time that the TNEI Noise Team worked to meant that the deadline was met in sufficient time to enable the client to submit the noise report in support of their Planning Application.


Key Features:
  • Quick project turnaround time (2 weeks) whilst retaining high quality of deliverables
  • LPA has agreed with and used mitigation suggested in report as planning conditions for the proposed development


Key Facts: 
Timescale: 2 weeks