Planning - Fife Council Wind Turbines

Project Description: 
TNEI was commissioned by Fife Council to undertake a study of the feasibility of wind energy generation across a portfolio of their sites located throughout the Fife Council administrative area followed by ecological survey work and preparation of a number of planning applications and supporting information. The initial feasibility studies followed on from previous work and focused on wind energy (11kw-500kw turbines) and considered potential environmental and technical constraints.

The study also included an initial financial assessment based on a number of assumptions.  Following initial feasibility work TNEI undertook a range of ecological and ornithological work including protected species surveys and vantage point surveys and preparation of accompanying documentation to accompany the planning applications for the sites. TNEI undertook site design taking into account the results of the assessment work, physical and technical constraints and future use of the site.

TNEI undertook the preparation and submission of the planning applications and managed the process through until determination.

Key Features:
  • Undertaking relevant ecological and ornithological surveys;
  • Compiling all technical and environmental surveys necessary to form part of the Environmental Report;
  • Producing and updating all figures to accompany the planning application;
  • Managing consultation with all statutory consultees;
  • Preparing the Environmental Reports and other associated documentation; and
  • Guiding the application through the planning process to determination.
Key Facts: 
Client: Fife Council  
Timescale: 16 months  
Capacity: 11kw - 500kw