Planning Applications - ITM Power

Project Description: 
TNEI's Planning and Environmental Team have prepared and submitted four planning applications for Hydrogen Refuelling Stations on behalf of ITM Power PLC. The proposals form part of the HyFIVE Hydrogen Project which has been launched across major cities in Europe. Five different manufacturers have agreed to deploy a total of 110 hydrogen fuel cell vehicles at several European locations (Bolzano, Copenhagen, Innsbruck, London, Munich, Stuttgart) and develop new clusters of hydrogen refuelling stations. ITM’s Hydrogen Refuelling Stations (HRSs) are capable of refuelling fuel cell cars. A fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) uses hydrogen as a fuel for generating electric power on-board the vehicle, producing no harmful exhaust emissions – only water vapour. FCEVs provide the potential to decarbonise road transport, create new economic opportunities, diversify national energy supply, and reduce significantly the local environmental impacts of road transport. To date TNEI have secured planning consent for three of the four applications with one awaiting determination


Key Features:

· Preparing the planning application and supporting information;

· Guiding the application through the planning process to determination; and

· Managing the discharge of all planning conditions


Key Facts: 
Client: ITM Power  
Timescale: 1 Year  
Contract Value: £15,000  
Status: Consented