Noise - Low Spinney Wind Farm Public Inquiry

Project Description: 

In 2007, TNEI was commissioned to co-ordinate an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for a proposed wind farm on land near the village of Gilmorton, Leicestershire and manage the submission of a planning application. As part of the EIA work TNEI’s noise team undertook a noise assessment in accordance with ETSU-R-97 The Assessment and Rating of Noise from Wind Farms, which was completed in December 2008. A full planning application was submitted to Harborough District Council in February 2009.

In light of delays by the Council in dealing with the application our client lodged an appeal for non determination. When the appeal request was accepted the Council’s Planning Committee considered the planning application at its meeting in September 2009, when Members resolved that, had the appeal not been lodged, the Council would have refused planning permission for two reasons, the first of which concerned noise. This decision was made despite the Council's Planning Officers concluding that noise impacts would not justify a refusal of permission.

In August 2009 as part of the appeal process TNEI was commissioned to update the noise assessment to include an additional property which was built after the original noise monitoring had taken place. This revised report also considered in detail the effect on noise of on-site wind shear as measured by a 60m meteorological mast. The shear analysis validated the assumptions used in the original assessment and re-iterated the conclusion that the site would meet the noise limits set in accordance with ETSU-R-97. At the Public Inquiry which was held in February 2010, Stephen Arnott of TNEI provided expert witness services in relation to noise. At the appeal all noise issues were resolved to the satisfaction of the Inspector and in March 2010 the Inspector allowed the appeal. TNEI has subsequently provided further guidance on the final choice of turbine in relation to noise. The four turbine scheme has now been constructed and it began exporting electricity to the grid in September 2011.


Key Features:
  • Operational Noise Assessment undertaken in accordance with ETSU-R-97;
  • Provision of Expert Witness services at Public Inquiry; and
  • Drafting of noise related planning conditions.



Key Facts: 
Client: Broadview Energy  
Timescale: 4 years  
Capacity: 8MW  
Outcome: Consented, now operational  
Decision Date: March 2010