Noise Impact Assessment Review - Saundby and Maumhill Wind Farms

Project Description: 
TNEI Services Ltd was commissioned by Bassetlaw District Council to undertake a review of the noise impact assessments provided as part of the Planning Applications for two proposed Wind Farm  Developments within the District. The aim of the review of each scheme was to provide a summary to the Planning Officer to enable them to determine the impact of the development in noise terms.


Key Features:
As part of the review process undertaken by TNEI’s Acoustic Team, the following aspects of the noise assessments were reviewed:

· Assessment Methodology and Policy Context;

· Background Noise Assessment (including noise kit locations, the equipment used and the data collected);

· Data Analysis (including data exclusions, consideration of the impact of wind shear);

· Noise Predictions (including a review of the source data, the choice of propagation model and the parameters used);

· The Noise Impact Assessment (including the choice of noise limits and the margins between the predicted turbine noise and the background noise level / ETSU-R-97 noise limits);

· Consideration of other potential noise impacts (such as low frequency noise and amplitude modulation); and

· The Conclusions of the Assessment (including, where appropriate information on noise related planning conditions).

Following each review TNEI produced a detailed report summarising our key findings and a list of recommendations to the Planning Officer. This enabled the Planning Officer to request additional information from the Applicant ,where required. 

For one scheme TNEI was asked to undertake a further review of the additional information submitted by the Applicant to ensure that the information provided was sufficient to answer all of the initial queries raised by TNEI.


Key Facts: 
Client: Bassetlaw District Council  
Timescale: 1-2 months