Noise Impact Assessment

Wormit Solar Farm
Project Description: 
TNEI  was commissioned by Green Hedge Renewables to provide an environmental Noise Impact Assessment (NIA) to support the planning application of a proposed solar farm in Fife, Scotland. The purpose of the NIA was to determine the impact of the development in noise terms on nearby noise sensitive receptors (NSRs) and provide details of any required mitigation, where necessary.
Assessment methodology:
  • Noise predictions — noise propagation modelling to recognised international standards for two development layouts based on a centralised system and a de-centralised system and considering multiple noise sources including, transformers, centralised inverters, string inverters and associated cooling
  • Assessment of noise — noise emmission levels were compared against noise rating (NR) curves including calculation of internal noise levels and consideration of tonal content
  • Production of figures - operational noise contour plots were presented as isopleth contour lines overlaid on digital mapping data
  • Consultation with the Environmental Health Service in order to discharge noise related Planning Conditions.

Project outcomes

The NIA report was submitted on time as part of the planning application for the development. No comments were received from the Environmental Health Service during the determination of the application and the development was subsequently consented.  Following issue of the Decision Notice TNEI consulted with the EHO to discharge a noise relating planning condition, which was resolved quickly and to the satisfaction of both the client and EHO.

TNEI capabilities and similar projects

Our noise team regularly works on energy and infrastructure projects, ranging from small FIT schemes through to large scale Section 36 & NSIP developments. Similar projects of note include:

  • Galloper 336MW off shore wind farm (onshore) sub station for Alstom
  • Grudie Bridge. Upgrade of 18.7MW hydro power station
  • Allt Essan 350kW run of river hydro scheme for Dulas
Key Facts: 
Client: Green Hedge Renewables  
Scope: Prediction & Assessment of Operational Noise  
Date: March 2015 to November 2015