Fleetwood WwTw - Wind Turbine

Project Description: 
United Utilities (UU) commissioned TNEI Services Ltd to provide full planning and environmental consultancy services for the development of wind turbines on various sites across their portfolio. TNEI initially undertook an extensive GIS sieving and feasibility assessment of their portfolio. One of the sites identified as potentially being suitable for a wind turbine development was at Fleetwood Wastewater Treatment Works.

The site lies in an area dominated by industrial and residential development, between the Irish Sea coast and the River Wyre estuary.  Within 600m east is Morecambe Bay Special Protection Area (SPA) and Ramsar Site. 

The scheme will consist of a single turbine with a maximum height to blade tip of 78 metres, as well as associated infrastructure. The turbine will have a maximum installed capacity of 500kw.


Key Features:
  • Preparing an EIA Screening Request;
  • Undertaking technical and environmental surveys necessary as part of the Environmental Report (site confirmed to be non-EIA);
  • Appointing and managing subcontractors where required to conduct specialist assessments;
  • Producing and updating constraints mapping to inform the design evolution;
  • Providing information on environmental and planning constraints to inform production of constraints mapping to assist in evolution of the design layout;
  • Undertaking technical reviews of reports and figures;
  • Managing consultation with statutory consultees;
  • Creating and managing public engagement strategy;
  • Preparing the Environmental Report and other associated documentation;
  • Managing the application through to determination.


Key Facts: 
Client: United Utilities  
Timescale: 12 months  
Capacity: 500kw  
Outcome: Consented  
Decision Date: April 2014