Power systems and technology

TNEI Services has a strong reputation in the power system consultancy field.

Our particular strengths are in the area of transmission system planning, technology assessment, concept and feasibility design, connection of renewable generation, and system integration.

Our 34 specialist power systems engineers make us one of the largest and most experienced systems studies teams in the world. The group provides power system analysis consultancy services in the areas of:

  • Transmission and Distribution network analysis
  • Wind farm design, assessment and connection
  • Distributed generation and active networks (Smart Grids)
  • Petrochemical industry
  • Industrial systems
  • Thermal and Renewable Generation plant modelling
  • Power Quality and Harmonics
  • Grid Code compliance
  • Failure Investigations

Some of the projects undertaken by TNEI include the development of transmission master plans for future generation and demand scenarios for EirGrid and NIE/SONI on projects such as the All Island Grid Study, North-South Interconnector Feasibility, the revision of GB SQSS for the three UK transmission network owners, and the North-West Grid Reinforcement for the economically efficient connection of large scale wind generation for EirGrid and NIE.  We have extensive experience in developing and analysing export connection systems and collection arrays for large-scale offshore wind on projects including Moray Firth, Inchcape, Hornsea, West of Duddon Sands, Humber Gateway, Burbo Bank, Walney, Gunfleet Sands, East Anglia, and others.  We provide technical advisory services and due diligence to investors and regulators on specific technologies, projects and policy.

Through the course of this activity we are both maintaining the skill level of our core staff, as well as pushing the boundaries on new analysis methodologies. The projects we are involved in typically provide us contact with the technology supply chain, which keeps us up to date with the current and future technology developments.  The understanding of HVDC and the role of power electronics and new technology to address network reinforcements, connections and system balancing is a particular strength of ours.  We have been leading the way in helping build technical understanding of the new issues facing stakeholders in these changing times.

The combination of expert software and power system analysis teams provides TNEI with a unique capability to provide clients with bespoke analysis solutions and the provision of academic level analysis on a commercial consultancy basis and rapid timescales.